Mount Bromo/Gunung Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of volcano mountain which still active in java Indonesia,this mount is located between the 4 Regencies, namely Pasuruan Regency, Probolinggo Regency, Lumajang Regency, Malang Regency in East Java, Java Island.
Mount Bromo is 2.392 meters in height above sea level. Mount Bromo to become tourist destinations, many tourists in the country and abroad come to Mount Bromo to see the beauty of Mount Bromo and enjoy the fresh air and cold.
Air temperature at the peak of Mount Bromo between 2 º C to 20 º C.
This case is Interesting visitors:
From the top of the mountain, visitors can see the carpet of sand 10 square kilometers which is very beautiful and spectacular. From the peak of Mount Bromo visitors can see the crater that has diameter ± 600 meters, while that from Mount Bromo visitors can see Mount Semeru is very high cut through the clouds.
While at Mount Bromo, many visitors that is waiting for see the beautiful sunrise from the east and see the sunset in the west.
Besides the beautiful view of Mount Bromo, visitors can witness the ceremony Yadnya Kasada Festival or Kasodo. The ritual ceremony Yadnya Kasada Festival is seeking blessing from the Almighty to acquire abundant harvest and far from the disaster and disease.
Visitors can pay a visit to Mount Bromo via one of the 4 way in, namely:
Entrance to the one of:
Probolinggo district – Cemorolawang Village – Mount Bromo
Entrance to the two of:
Pasuruan district – Wonokitri Village – Mount Bromo
Entrance to the three of:
Malang District – Ngadas Village – Mount Bromo
Entrance to the the four of:
Lumajang district – Burno Village – Mount Bromo

Best time to visit or tour to Mount Bromo is around June until October or around December until January.
To protect yourselves from the cold air, do not forget to bring warm clothing or a thick jacket, headcover, glove, scarf and bring food and drink as needed.

Around Mount Bromo have shelter facilities, inn, hotel, restaurants, souvenir shops and a public phone.

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