Mount Bromo Rafting Ijen Tour Package

Mount Bromo Rafting Ijen Tour PackageKawahIjenTour.Com – Cheap price combination with a low price tour to Mount Bromo and rafting adventure on the Pekalen River in Probolinggo. An interesting combination of adventure tours for travel in East Java because everything is a favorite tourist attraction for recreation. Objects and Attractions of Mount Bromo are close to the location of rafting in the Pekalen River, Probolinggo, which is by land vehicle while traveling around 1 hours drive. By visiting this location, there are so many tourists visiting Mount Bromo and at the same time enjoying the experience of the Pekalen River which is generally in the past with Songa rafting which has 3 places for white water rafting, upper songa, middle songa and lower songa.

Mount Bromo Rafting Tour Package Probolinggo only takes 2 days 1 night. But if you want to stay at Songa with the aim of refreshing and permeating the beauty of nature as well because there are already lodging facilities here too. Pekalen River or “white water rafting” is the location of white water rafting or white water rafting which is very beautiful and still natural.

Mount Bromo Rafting Ijen Tour Package

Mount Bromo Rafting Ijen Tour Package

It is suitable for types of adventure tours activity. As long as we ride a boat along the Pekalen river you will be treated to a very beautiful and charming natural scenery because it is still very natural. Related to crossing the cliffs or the cave walls of bats, and the river walls that are released by water directly fall into river rivers such as rain. This white water rafting on the Pekalen River is one of the best rafting sports in East Java with heavy currents, high air discharge and a fairly fast flow that will spur adrenaline for those who enjoy rafting here. But don’t worry, the security here is very good. Providers of rafting like Songa, regulating rafting, adventure Noars have very strict safety standards. So in addition to safe for adult rafting, it is also safe for rafting children.

The combination of Mount Bromo Tour and White Water Rafting is the best adventure tour in Probolinggo. Actually there is also snorkeling tour on Gili probolinggo island, but you should try rafting first to know the location of rafting in Indonesia. Detailed schedule for Bromo Rafting Tour Packages is as follows

Mount Bromo Rafting Ijen Tour Travel Itinerary

Day 1: Surabaya / Malang – Location of Rafting in Pekalen Probolinggo – Mount Bromo

  • The Bromo Rafting Tour Package for Songa Pekalen starts with pick-up from your location both in Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, Bali, Gresik, or any city in East Java can be at home, hotel, airport, train station or airport.
  • Then we will take you to the location of the assessment of the Pekalen probolinggo river tour.
  • Arrive at the location of probolinggo rafting break and at a briefing by a Professional Rafting team.
  • Then start rafting or Rafting tour for about 3 hours on the Pekalen river.
  • Finish rafting bathing, eating and then proceed to lodging at Mount Bromo tourist attractions
  • Arrive at Bromo check in hotel and take a break at the I / inn closest to Mount Bromo

Day 2: Mouunt Bromo Sunrise Tour  – Drop Off

  • Bromo Sunrise Tour Package starts at 3.30 am, by Jeep or Hardtop to the top of Mount Penanjakan 1 (View Point Sunrise)
  • Arriving at Mount Climbing waiting to wait for the sun and the beautiful capture with satisfaction.
  • Satisfied seeing Bromo Sunrise still with hartop returned to the Bromo Sea of ​​Sand
  • From the Jeep / Hardtop Bromo park you have to continue on foot or rent a horse to get to Mount Bromo and then ride 250 steps to the top of Bromo crater
  • The adventure of the bromo jeep then continues to Whispering Sands, the teletubies hill and finally to the savanna grasslands.
  • Back to the hotel, breakfast or, breakfast, shower and rest
    After checking out, you will return to the pickup location or according to your wishes.
  • End trip of Mount Bromo Rafting Ijen Tour Package

Mount Bromo Rafting Ijen Tour Price

Please contact us for details of facilities and fees Bromo Rafting Songa Pekalen travel package above because the price depends on the number of participants, the date of the tour and the period of your tour. Regarding the choice of rafting route because there are 3 locations namely Pekalen River over 13 km, Pekalen Middle River 10 km, Pekalen River under 4 km for children. It would be more interesting if this tour was combined with the east java tour package. Please see some of the options below :